Talk with Doc

Talk with Doc

Talk with Doc is our lecture series that invites local doctors to give talks on their area of expertise to help educate the public on health-related topics. These talks are free, accessible, and open to anyone.

Our Past Talks Included –

“What we learned at Medical School about your Health” was held by two fourth year student doctors, Sara Kelly and David Savage. They shared their knowledge on the latest factors that can impact your health, and on how to stay healthy throughout life.

“You Too Can Be A Hero” In partnership with Heart & Stroke Foundation, we learned about the New CPR and practised the simple chest compressions at our Heroes and Angels “Talk with Doc”.

“Think about a Holistic Approach to your Health” Regardless of age or hereditary factors, this session showed us how a holistic approach to health care can improve your quality of life. Presenter was Dr. James DiGiuseppe, D.C., Chiropractor.

And many more topics such as-

1) Cannabis and Your Heart- Dr. C. Lai, Thunder Bay District Health Unit, May, 2019

2) Canabis Baby- Dr. C. Lai, Fort William First Nation, June, 2019

3) Canabis and Your Health- Dr. C. Lai, Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board, November, 2019

4) The Veins in Your Legs- Dr. M. Ingves, Westfort Community Centre, October, 2019